We have been blown away by the generosity of people offering their time, providing our family with wonderful experiences, delivering the most thoughtful gifts and helping raise funds for our campaign.  We will never forget the kindness shown.

How can you help?

Be part of the party!

When The Nicole and Jessica Rich Foundation organise events, we always look to the wonderful people in our local community to help… anything from face painters, caterers, DJs, princess characters… we’d love your support.

We are always so grateful for people who are able to help out and offer their skills and experience to us, so please get in touch if you would like to offer services for future events.

Social media

To help us raise as much awareness about Batten Disease and our family’s journey, we need as many of you wonderful people liking, sharing and tweeting about our cause.  The difference you could make by sharing or sending a quick tweet is potentially huge!!  You never know who it will reach, so if you use FacebookTwitter or Instagram, please help and spare a few minutes to share our story.